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a skillful maker.

With a passion for handcraft, I love making gifts for friends, including handwritten cards with calligraphy, hand printed fabrics, watercolor paintings and laser-cut photo frames. I also used my crafting skills in UX projects, such as the 3D-printed chassis for a game controller we designed.

Play with the 3D chassis model of Berserker Glove, a glove-shaped game controller!

an enthusiastic gamer/prototyper.

My enthusiasm towards games led me to several game related projects, and motivated me to learn programming so I'm capable of building interactive prototypes that you can play with.

Try out this interactive prototype of Good Aim, an Augmented Reality mobile game! I built this with Framer.

a multimedia storyteller.

I write songs. I have written scripts for TV programs. I shoot and edit videos. I create UI animations. With all these skills, I'm adept at communicating ideas with multimedia content.

I directed and edited this promotional video of Podium, a web app that helps you become a confident speaker.

a team player/party planner.

I value team bonding more than anything. The perk of having me on your team is that you'll also have a birthday party planner, a team swag designer, and a team trip tour guide.

I'm a big fan of documenting team work. Check out the these amazing time lapse videos of my team!


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